Should I stop vaping conventional cigarettes?

Nobody forces us to conventional quit when we started smoking. In fact, some cigarette lovers combined for a time the snuff and steam. Now, for whatever reason, a high percentage end up opting for the electronic cigarette and rejecting the traditional cigarette.

If we give a tour of various forums on the Internet, we are mainly 2 groups smoked cigarette lovers before: for a time the electronic cigarette combined with the analog and those who decided to quit dramatically. But in any case require or prescribe anyone who does not smoke.

At the end will prefer the e-also cigarette

In any case, the newbies with cigar-mail through a series of odd sensations that make them think that they will not be able to replace the habit: often complain of the weight, touch and that steam does not leave the same sensations as smoke. And all this is true.

The sooner we aware that smoking is not the same before we start to let the damn snuff.

Now, after a few days, a week at most, who combines steam and smoke usually opt for the first. And who has left the snuff does not return to it, as the flavor that leaves the electronic cigarette is infinitely better.

The snuff eventually repel us

In fact, we find evidence in various forums that the cigarette lovers resolve doubts and discuss their experiences with each other in almost a hundred percent support this thesis. Such is the case of “Keichi_saotome”:

“after a few days not only liked me more than smoking cigarettes but also (…), in a time of trouble (I had a problem with my e.cig) tried again an analog and grossed me the 3rd blast! “[SIC]

There is little to add.

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